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Vallihaudankatu 4, 20100 Turku,

Finland; gsm: +358405295521; +358417821796 

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UAB "G.G. Service"


JSC “G.G.Service” is a universal insulation works company located in Klaipeda, the Eastern side of the Baltic sea, Lithuania. Our company is young, but we successfully developing our business not only in Lithuania but in international markets too.

In our fields of operation, we focus on industrial insulation works in maritime objects and industrial complexes. We perform works in this main areas:

-   Thermal insulation;

-   Sound insulation;

-   Fire-resistant insulation;

-   Ventilation,

-   Tin-plate cladding and production of tin billets.

JSC “G.G.Service” keeps a close contact to the world's leading producers of insulating materials and accessories and makes a point of running an up to date assortment of the optimum products.The materials which are using in production are big scale of top trademarks like Paroc/Rockwool stone cotton, "Armaflex" materials of elastomeric foam, polyurethane foam, insulating mattresses and etc.

The all steps of works complies with European standards for quality and safety.

JSC “G.G.Service” are the opened partner for all clients from first stage of project.

We have got good name and trust of our customers in all kinds of technical insulation works .

JSC “G.G.Service” operates multilingual professionals team, with deep skills, experience and understanding strategy of the company, which are oriented for high standards of quality and work culture, to provide total service with looking-for best solutions and top-quality deliveries. Supervising them know-how professionals, with previous experience for projects supervising in local markets as “Hertel Services”, SC “Western Shipyard BLRT Grupp”, JSC "BALTIJA" Shipbuilding Yard, SC “Neo group”, JSC “Persolita” and abroad “Aker Finnyards Oy”.